The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 214

Unfortunately, records do exist in a subterranean cache accumulated by Himmler below the rubble of his offices at #8 Prinz Albrechtstrasse in Berlin. Together with a hand-picked staff of dedicated SS-Totenkopf (Death's-Head) soldiers and medical staff Dr. Kruckel begins his work in March 1945. Surrounded by a team who have perpetrated acts of incredible brutally the scenes from below Wewelsburg are truly horrific. Extracts from Dr. Kruckel’s Journal: Thursday, March 7th, 1946 Sergeant (Unteroffizier) Egon Alber has been transported back from the Wastes after the squad foray into the Ash Fields. His delirium after surviving the ghoul attack has started to finally abate. It appears he has sustained a major bite to the torso and further investigation reveals several broken teeth deeply embedded in the wound. After the attack the attending field medic was reported to have suffered eye, ear, and nose hemorrhaging severe enough to incapacitate him. Other squad members indicate that the bleeding stopped only when the medic was removed from proximity to Sergeant Alber. During transport, it appears that others attending Sergeant Alber also on occasion suffered the same affliction. In the weeks it has taken to get him back here to Wewelsburg the severity of these bleeding events has diminished. I myself experienced mild bleeding from the nose today when I first examined the man. Friday, March 8th, 1946 Again, the bleeding. Sergeant Alber drifts in and out of consciousness. I believe the only course of action is to surgically remove the teeth from his torso although the additional trauma could prove fatal. Against the odds Sergeant Alber has survived the ordeal. Saturday, March 9th, 1946 Neither I nor anyone administering to the care of Sergeant Alber have any episodes of unexplained bleeding. My initial conclusion is that the embedded Othersider tissue is somehow related… Following this discovery Dr. Kruckel embarks on an almost manic course of vivisection, tissue transplantation, and psychic experimentation. The genesis of Necromechanics. Later he links the bleeding events noted in his journal directly to the Psychic Talent he names Blood Boil resulting from grafting of ghoul teeth into a host. He also hypothesizes that the complete Othersider is not required, just the head, arm, etc., but that without sufficient Othersider tissue grafts any talents gained eventually fade. Page 214