The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 213

Dr. Erich Kruckel Member of ODESSA Leadership Born September 13th, 1901 in Mannheim, Germany Height 5’11” Weight 162lbs Thinning hair Non-Psycrafter Intellect 8 Wisdom 6 Willpower 6 Strength 5 Constitution 5 Dexterity 5 Charisma 6 Perception 7 Force Majeure 5 Expert Skills Surgery Otherside(r) Knowledge Professional Skills Research Sword Amateur Skills Handgun Diplomacy Novice Skills Interrogation Preferred Weapon(s) Luger P08, Antique Sword Cane Motivation (Morality) The pursuit of surgical enhancement. (Immoral) Background As an old, school friend of August Hirt, and member of the Institute for Military Scientific Research (Institut für Wehrwissenschaftliche Zweckforschung) within the Ahnenerbe division, Captain (SS Hauptsturmführer) Kruckel is transferred to Auschwitz concentration camp early in 1944 to work with, and report back on, the human experimentation being undertaken by Josef Mengele . His talents as an outstanding surgeon are put to good use and his own fascination with anatomical alteration becomes a fixation. When Mengele leaves in January 1945 for Gross-Rosen concentration camp in Lower Silesia Captain Kruckel returns to the Reich University in Strasbourg. His path crosses that of Heinrich Himmler, and his theories on surgical enhancement in pursuit of the ultimate “super soldier” grabs the attention of the man who ordered the founding of the Institute and he is subsequently re-assigne