The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 212

Other projects undertaken at the base, now also the ODESSA center for Meta Engineering, include:       Development of a “flying saucer” drone-mounted camera based on the disc- shaped gyroscopically stabilized aircraft that was first flown in Prague, February 1945. Improvements to the ZG 1229 Vampir Infrared Night-Vision scope, consisting of a large scope and large top-mounted infra-red lamp operating in the infrared spectrum, and normally attached to a StG 44 assault rifle. Development of smaller scale Tabun (nerve agent) delivery methods to complement the large bombs and shells already stockpiled. The first is a prototype antitank projectile capable of being launched from a light antitank gun into a building or vehicle. Otherside caging that uses bars reinforced with Superstructure Plating and a water “sedation” system. Meta-charged vehicle engine design. Remote control Psytomaton sentry guns. Operating out of a London public house, called the Coach and Horses , are two ex- Abwehr agents now running some key ODESSA operations, including:   Operation Nachzehrer that orchestrates the apparent suicide or accidental death of specific targets. Operation Weißer Hase that cultivates insider operatives such as Alice Jacobson (MI5). Posing as husband and wife, Arthur age 48, and Mildred “Millie” Walker age 40. Arthur, a non-Psycrafter, has a particularly nasty reputation and nickname Der Sammler (“The Collector”) due to his penchant for taking patches or badges from his victims and attaching them, complete with blood stains, to the inside of his own great coat. Millie is an accomplished Shadow Weaver. Page 212