The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 210

In charge of all NecroMech operations at Wewelsburg is Dr. Erich Kruckel, and never far away is his personal NecroMech guardian Hans Meyer. 400 miles away, for major missions outside of what was Germany, ODESSA operates a base from the newly repaired Catacombs of \\[[\ۛX[Z[\ˈ]Bܛ[\وXܛYXܚ[܈TK[Y[\H[\\]\œ\\H]X[H^H][ۜ\H[\ܛ[HXܛYX\[HX[\B]\[܈[ XH\\\˂ۙH[\\\XܛXܛYX[ۘH\X[Xܘ]܋X]Y\^ Y\š\\ٚY\[Y[Z[H\X\ˈ\\X\Y[HHXۘ[YHHXXBX\]pH X\Y][ H[H\Y[Y[[Z[H\وZ\X\ˈX[H]B[Y\H\X\[\H^\\[\\\X\[HوX[H[]]\ˈ˜Y\]HY[[[HX]Y\Z\[HX[HZ[H[[ۙHقX\Y[^[Y[\XH[H]\[H\ YH L