The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 208

ODESSA A group of SS officers who, believing Germany faced imminent defeat, formed the ODESSA (Organisation der ehemaligen SS-Angehörigen, meaning “Organization of Former SS Members”), an international network initially working to help fellow SS members evade identification and subsequent capture. However, after the Rip this group re-formulates its plan around the work that Dr. Kruckel and Karl Schmitt are doing to build a true organization of power. Many members believe that the culmination of their work can lead to the formation of a new Fourth Reich. All members still wear or carry their own modified Totenkopfringe (Death’ Head Ring) that no longer has the Swastika (standing on the vertex) framed by a quadrat. Instead it has been ground out leaving a square-shaped hole holding a small inset gem of a color determined by position within the organization - diamond (general), ruby (officer), sapphire (non-commissioned officer or “specialist” such as an assassin), amethyst (soldier), carbonado (Meta Engineer), onyx (NecroMech), or emerald (other Psycrafters). It is the front design of the SS skull and crossed bones which is required to be pressed into the locking lever hidden in the General’s Hall at Wewelsburg to reach the secret vaults below. The cache of rings of dead SS-men and officers that Himmler ordered returned to Wewelsburg for storage was retrieved by Dr. Kruckel and is used to provide rings to new recruits. This includes several former SS-Helferinnenkorps; women who volunteered to support the SS and formed their own female Nazi elite. Operatives are sent to St. Johan in early May 1945 to retrieve Himmler’s rainy-day fund of $4 million in mixed currencies. This is the first of many such operations in May to build a substantial source of subsequent funding. The strategic bombing of German cities by the Allies reduced buildings to dust and rubble, destroyed rail and communication hubs, and scattering millions of refugees into the countryside. With the advent of the Rip and withdrawal of any foreign support rebuilding was impossible. Page 208