The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 206

Brian Murphy Science “Whiz” Born 6:30am April 8 th , 1921 in Dublin, Ireland Height 5’10” Weight 174lbs Dark red hair, upper facial scarring Meta Engineer (Rank 8) Gemstone Capacitor*, Psytomaton*, Enhanced Psytomaton* Energize, Sensory Link, Control Link Reinforce Armor, Iron Body Ultra-Vision Sunder Ablation Attunement *Specialization Talents Intellect 8 Wisdom 6 Willpower 7 Strength 7 Constitution 8 Dexterity 6 Charisma 6/3 * Perception 6 Force Majeure 6 * Expert Skills Mechanic Robotics Metalsmith Unmasked Professional Skills Gunsmith Research Amateur Skills Deception Handgun Novice Skills Russian Preferred Weapon(s) Jacob Electric Bolt Gun Motivation (Morality) Risk be damned! (Amoral) Background After working as a skilled mechanic for Short Brothers on the Sunderland Flying Boats during the war, Brian relocates from Belfast to London to work at Simms late in 1945 after his Talents first emerge. Inseparable, his twin sister Brianna, also Talented, moves as well to work alongside him at Simms. It is not long before a series of mishaps leads those around them to believe that for the Murphy twins the scales weighing the value of human life vs. the benefits of discovery are very one-sided. Risk be damned! No surprise then that while working on a project an explosion results in the death of several other engineers, injures his sister, and leaves Brian severely disfigured across his eyes. Now hidden behind his ever-present Meta Goggles. Meta Goggles - specifications CLASSIFIED. Page 206