The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 204

M.E.T.A. In September 1948 after a meteoric rise within Simms Motor Units Ltd, Brian Murphy takes over as Managing Director and the company is renamed Meta Engineering Technology Associates or M.E.T.A.; his own personal Meta Engineering abilities along with that of his twin sister Brianna, now Chief Engineer, responsible for some of the most amazing inventions that propelled the company to incredible post-war financial success. However, after the accident that almost killed both Brian and Brianna, leaving both disfigured, they now shun all public appearance. Headquarters is home and work is now everything! The company is now responsible for ground breaking innovations in multiple areas, including consumer products, weapons, and vehicles. This has also led to a number of lucrative British military contracts. Many believe that their reach extends worldwide despite the British laws prohibiting engaging with foreign powers. Some products are, however, not without controversy. For example, the very high-priced Jacob Electric Bolt Gun, offered to the public for “self-defense”, skirts British gun carry restrictions and has become the target of potential Parliamentary action. In many cases M.E.T.A. partners with other companies that can benefit from their ingenious innovations. One such being with Jaguar working on radical new vehicle designs based around push configuration contra-rotating propeller systems. It is no surprise that they are constantly looking to attract aspiring Meta Engineers, doing so through influential magazine articles and showing off their, for example, their Electric Powered Jet Engine powered by proprietary Gemstone Capacitor “batteries” that fit in the hand yet have the power output of an entire Submarine Battery Pack or even more. M.E.T.A., headquartered at their facilities in East Finchley, London N2, now have the singular largest Meta Engineering brain-trust in the world. Page 204