The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 199

Special Damage Types Outside of damage sustained from character Actions characters may also have to contend with: Cold Weather Climate changes due to the Rip leaves everyone struggling with the effects of colder weather. With a drop in average temperatures of 20 to 30°F winter conditions can now have much more serious consequences. Characters suffer ill effects at or below 0°F when protected (i.e. clothed appropriately), or at or below 32°F when unprotected: 10 Damage per hour (or 1 every 6 minutes) of exposure. However, knowledge of Cold Weather Survival reduces the temperature threshold for these ill effects (see Appendix 2 - Skills). And high Constitution offers the benefit of reducing the damage taken in such sub- zero temperatures. For example, with Constitution 7 a character has a -1 Damage Reduction (per hour), or this could mean no damage sustained for the first 6 minutes depending on circumstance. In addition, for every 10 points of damage sustained there is a cumulative 10% chance of frostbite. Once frostbitten characters receive an equivalent Disability penalty to any attempted Action. Hazards This includes fire, man-made extreme cold from sources such as liquid CO 2 and Nitrogen, electricity, toxic chemicals, and radiation. Exposure results in 10 Damage per round. Resistances to these hazards translate directly to an equivalent damage reduction. For example, 50% resistance to fire, reduces fire-based damage by 50% (round down). Unless special circumstances exist then Armor damage reduction does NOT apply. Page 199