The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 195

Resisting a Talent All those with psychic ability, i.e. Psycrafters, NecroMechs and Othersiders, have the passive mental capacity to shrug off the ill effects of Talents LEFT in their minds. This is limited to those Talents that are uninterruptible, requiring no on- going concentration to maintain, but have a persistent effect lasting more than a single round. In such cases, at the beginning of the second round in which the effect is being felt, the victims mind has a single chance to overcome the effects based on their combined Mental Ability, relative psychic ability to the attacker, and Willpower. Success immediately ends the effect(s) and the victim does not suffer them in that round. Failure means any effects continue unabated. Base chance% = Mental Ability (Intellect + Wisdom + Willpower) +/- Rank Difference (between victim and attacker). Willpower Bonus Multiplier = x2 (Willpower 8), x3 (Willpower 9), and x4 (Willpower 10). For example, if a NecroMech Rank 3 uses Rigor Mortis on a Energy Adept Rank 2 (Intellect 8 + Wisdom 6 + Willpower 7), then the Energy Adept has a 20% to overcome the effects. If the Energy Adept was Rank 4 then this would increase to 22%. And if, in addition, the Energy Adept had Willpower 8 then this would increase to 46%. Talents to which this applies: Fearsome Visage (Qi Master), Daze (Qi Master), Phantom Reality (Shadow Weaver), Mind Wraith (Shadow Weaver), Aversion (Shadow Weaver), Crushing Despair (NecroMech), Rigor Mortis (NecroMech), Paralysis (NecroMech), Shades of Death (NecroMech), Souls Chill (NecroMech), Mind Mire (NecroMech), and Deathly Doldrums (NecroMech). It should be noted that Don the Veil (NecroMech) is not considered as causing an “ill effect”. Page 195