The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 194

Talent Use The following provides additional information on Talent use. Interrupting Talent Use Talents require concentration to varying degrees, either Subconscious, Passive, Active, or Intense. Subconscious Talents cannot be interrupted. Passive Talents cannot be interrupted except by loss of consciousness or by the NecroMech Talent Seize which affects the electrical functions of the brain. Active or Intense Talents that do require concentration but are “per use”, again cannot be interrupted. However, Active or Intense Talents that require concentration to maintain from round to round are interruptible on subsequent rounds after the first. Such Talents are indicated so in their Talent description. Interruption primarily occurs due to damage, pain, fear, and/or stun. Whenever a character takes 10+ points of damage in a single round or is subjected to sufficient pain or fear (as adjudicated by the GM), then there is a chance for concentration to be broken and the Talent interrupted. The base chance is 50% - 10% for every point of Willpower above 6. Hence a Meta Engineer with a Willpower of 7 that takes 20 points of damage while using Superstructure Plating has a 40% chance to lose concentration. Stun results in automatic loss of concentration. Rest an