The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 193

Debriefing In those cases where the players are working on the behalf of an organization then imposing a debrief at the end of a mission can be used to reinforce plot threads as well as offer a potential opportunity to award Insight points for roleplaying when the characters explain or defend their actions and behavior. This also represents an ideal time to inform players just how much negative reputation with opposing organizations their characters may have accumulated , rather than doing so every time they earn such reputation and giving them a potential “heads up” on what they may otherwise be oblivious to. Double Agents If a player declares that they want to become a Double Agent, then normally -ve Reputation Points must be handled differently. This is best illustrated with the case of Agent X. She begins by associating with the Special Operations Executive (SOE) allowing her to gain +ve Reputation with them, most often in opposition to ODESSA with whom she would earn -ve Reputation. However, on one mission her team member, and lover, is allowed to die “for the greater good”. As a result, the now embittered Agent X, after careful recruitment by ODESSA, agrees to become a Double Agent. All -ve Reputation earned so far is reset to zero. Agent X continues to earn +ve Reputation with the SOE but in cases where she would normally earn -ve Reputation with ODESSA she does not*. Separately Agent X will work for ODESSA, passing on information, subverting operations, etc. for which she will earn +ve Reputation with ODESSA. *It should be noted that if ODESSA ever feels that the benefits gained through Agent X do not outweigh the cost then she will be executed. Page 193