The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 192

General Gameplay It should be emphasized that at lower Ranks although the player character Talents provide an edge, it is just that an edge. They must rely on all their skills and above all else act smart! The latter being essential for survival. Bullets kill. Othersiders kill. And the environment can kill. As player characters increase in Rank, however, they will find it easier to overcome the mundane. The real challenge will become well organized and coordinated foes, traversing The Wastes, and potentially entering the Ash Fields (for brief forays). Hel, and the Fleshworks, even at high levels are meant to be out of reach. At least for now. Hel represents the pinnacle of the elusive behind the scenes arch- enemy. But who knows what could be possible at even higher Ranks than 10, with new Psycrafter classes, and with the support of new meta-engineered equipment. And what lies beyond in the Otherside? Balancing a Group It should be noted that the Qi Master and Meta Engineer classes can be considered more “defensive” in nature with abilities that heal and avoid damage coming easier to them, and with greater relative benefit. Conversely, the Energy Adept and Reaper classes are more “offensive” in nature such that they are more lethal in combat, while less capable in other areas. The Shadow Weaver and NecroMech as “utilitarian” in nature are predisposed to just getting whatever the task is at hand done. However, the player choice of Talents can amplify or mute these strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately, a mix gives any group more flexibility in being able to meet the myriad of challenges they will face. NPC Creation To make NPC generation simpler it is suggested that:  Each start with 5 for all attributes.  Determine if they are a “Cerebral” (Intellect/Wisdom/Willpower), “Physical” (Strength/Constitution/Dexterity), or “Influencer” (Charisma/Perception/Force Majeure) and raise that set of attributes to 6.  If this NPC is meant to be exceptional then roll d10 and make that attribute 7, choosing or re-rolling on a 10. Page 192