The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 19

NecroMech Examination (Source: CPS, Date: December 1949) The grafting of tissue (or “stitching” as it becomes known) from Othersiders can grant both psychic and physical abilities to the recipient. The “unnatural” result is called a NecroMech. The surgical process required is traumatic in the extreme. There appears to be only a single NecroMech class, although each is differentiated by the psychic Talents gained through the specific graft(s) they acquire. Study of NecroMechs with multiple grafts suggests a potential dominance of one over another. The effectiveness of the original talents associated with a previous graft may indeed decrease with the addition of a “more dominant” second graft. However, this appears to not always be the case. Unlike Psycrafters a NecroMech draws on the Necrotic Energy inherent in their grafted Othersider tissue but at the cost of some of their own Life Energy. It also appears that the greater the number of grafts then the greater the available Necrotic Energy and the greater the associated loss of Life Energy. As a NecroMech becomes better able to use the Talents provided through their graft they develop additional Talents, seemingly unrelated to the Talents of the original graft itself. Ultimately, however, a NecroMech must eventually take additional grafts to gain new psychic Talents. There is supposition based on Othersider behavior that there may be intelligent design behind their actions. If so, then what would be the effect of grafting “brain” tissue, if that were indeed possible and the subject survives? Could a mental connection be made? Page 19