The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 188

Several factors put your character either at an advantage or disadvantage. This includes Reputation, being Under Attack, facing Multiple Attackers, Using Off-Hand, being Encumbered, being Opposed (non-combat situations such as someone trying to hold a door closed that you are trying to open), and Falling, etc. Reputation may be to your benefit (equal to +Reputation Points%) or detriment (equal to -Reputation Points%) depending on the situation. Under Attack - the simple fact of being under pressure due to attack can impede other non-combat Actions (-10%). Multiple Attackers - when being faced by multiple melee attackers each attacker beyond the primary gains a bonus to strike (+20%). Opposed - if others are trying to prevent an Action you are making, for example holding a door closed that you are trying to push open, this reduces your ability to succeed in that Action (-50%). Use of Off Hand - unless ambidextrous or you have the Dual Wield skill then using your non-dominant hand incurs a penalty (-30%). Encumbrance - once encumbered, i.e. exceed your Carry Weight based on Strength, physical Actions just become more difficult (-20%). The weight of body armor, enhanced weapons, heavy cold-weather clothing, and other ancillary equipment soon add up... Falling - beyond the damage caused at the end of a fall, while falling, it is particularly difficult to make a successful Action (-50%). When your parachute does not open panic sets in! However, this can be mitigated by having high Willpower (greater than 7). For the truly unexpected as determined by the GM or even the other player(s). Page 188