The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 187

Hearing Impairment - beyond sound interference due to the environmental conditions around you (see previous section) other more personal disability, such as a burst eardrum, can impede Actions. Condition Loss of hearing in one ear Loss of hearing in both ears Penalty -50% -100% Retrying - every failed attempt at a Skill adds a penalty to subsequent tries. A second attempt, such as trying to pick the same lock, incurs a -20% penalty, the third try -50%, after which failure is guaranteed. Paraly ][ۈ H[X[]H[ݙH[]\[]]X]XZ[\Hۈ[H\X[X[ۈ]X]\[[\H[[\YY [\\]Z\Y[HوY\˜\Z\Y K H[[H]Hو\H\[وH][X]X][ Kˈ›وH[XZ[XܛHH[وXYY\܈وH[HY[[™^\Y[KKˈ]Y[X\X]HHYY[Z[[\X[X[ۜ›Y]][H ML JK\ۚ[\X\K[Z[ HYY\[HHX[]][YXق\ۋ[\YH\X\K[ ܈Z[[X[ۜ\H[[^YXܙ[K]\]BZ[[\]B]\B[[BLIBML BMIBYH N