The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 186

Fatigue, Stun, Mental Strain, Injury, Shock, Visual and/or Hearing Impairment, Retrying, Paralyzation, Poisoning, infection with Disease, or Pain, will adversely impact success in most situations. Fatigue - occurs due to extreme tiredness resulting from prolonged periods of mental or physical exertion, and/or as a secondary effect due to illness, inability to breath, etc. Fatigued characters find it more difficult to take Actions and are penalized accordingly (-20%). The effect lasts until the character is rested. Stun - a character may become stunned/dazed when subject to a focused head attack, psychic attack, or exposure to percussive sound that temporarily reduces their ability to take any Action effectively (-100%). Mental Strain - applies to Talent use and all Skills (-30%). In the case of Skills provided a bonus from mental attributes, i.e. Cryptography, Investigation, Research, Black Market Trading, and Psychology, then that bonus is also removed. The effect lasts until the character is rested. Injury - once injuries account for 30 Total HP loss then the character is debilitated and success in taking any Action is impeded (-30%). If injury causes loss of 70 Total HP, then the character is severely debilitated and success in taking any Action is further degraded (-70%). • When the Left/Right Arm or Left/Right Leg reaches zero HP then that appendage becomes unusable and a -100% penalty applies to any Action requiring its use. • When the Head reaches zero HP the character falls unconscious (-100%). • When the Torso reaches zero HP the character becomes severely distressed and unable to take any Action other than trying to stay alive (-100%). Visual Impairment - beyond reduced visibility due to the environmental conditions around you (see previous section) other more personal disability, such as sand in the eyes, or even an eye patch or blindfold, can impede Actions. Condition Foreign material/covering one eye Foreign material/covering both eyes Restricted vison (e.g. gas mask) Loss of one eye Loss of both eyes Penalty -25% -50% -20% -50% -100% Page 186