The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 185

Range to Target(s), High Ground, Prone, Flanking, and Behind all may make a difference to Actions taken. Range - Not only does Range affect the damage done by a weapon used at range (see Appendix 3) it also impacts the success of any attack made with that weapon. Compare distance to target with the effective range of the weapon being used. For every increment closer to the target gains a +20% bonus, whereas every increment further away incurs a -20% penalty. For example, a Browning Hi-Power handgun has an effective range of Medium. Therefore, at short range using this gun gains a +20% bonus, while at Long range -20%, and at eXtreme range since the damage is 0 anyway the success chance is moot. Point Blank is a special case that cannot simply be given a +/- bonus since within melee range the target has an opportunity to prevent being shot. As a rule of thumb, assuming the target is aware of the attack, i.e. it’s not from, for example, behind, then a base +50% bonus is suggested in conjunction with other factors. High Ground - When using a melee weapon having high ground advantage provides a +20% bonus. In general, this does not make any difference when using a ranged weapon or Talent. Prone - It is easier to strike a prone target with a melee weapon, giving the attacker(s) a +40% bonus. Again, beyond the impact of Visibility (see previous section), this has no effect when using a ranged weapon or Talent. Flanking - With respect to melee weapons being positioned to the side of a target provides a +20% bonus to the attacker. However, for ranged weapons a Side View of a, now size diminished target, in fact affects Visibility (see previous section), resulting in a -10% penalty. This has no impact on Talent use. Behind - Strikes with melee weapons from behind, without other mitigating factors, are automatically successful. For ranged weapons or Talents, it does not affect the chance of success except to say that the target is unable to actively defend themselves. Page 185