The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 183

The conditions around you can potentially influence the success of most Actions. Visibility - including Light Levels, Glare, Fog, Rain and Snow, Smoke, Hiding (without cover), and Size. Light Level Glare Fog Rain Snow Smoke Hiding Size -100% Full Darkness -80% -70% -60% -50% Searchlight Thick Deluge Blizzard Dense Invisible -40% Light Level Glare Fog Rain Snow Smoke Hiding Size -90% Prone -30% -20% Street Lights Headlights Moderate -10% +10% Bright +20% Large Huge Flashlight Thin Heavy Light Flurries Heavy Thin Stealthy Side View Small For example, it is more difficult for a sniper to make the shot through smoke, or for someone to maintain a tail at night under streetlights in “pea soup” heavy fog. Terrain - such as Steep Slope (-30%), Narrow Ledge (-30%), Ice (-20%), Mud (-20%), Ash (-20%), Lose Rock (-20%), or Water (-5% for every 5% immersion). Weather - extreme cold weather can impair Actions due to a combination of discomfort, shivering, impediment of extra clothing, or even actual cold-related damage. The base penalty is -10% with the potential for additional penalties (see Special Damage Types - Cold Weather). Environmental Hazards - such as lack of oxygen, (toxic) gases and chemicals, exposure to radiation, electricity, fire, man-made cold from liquid CO 2 or Nitrogen, or even gravity, can impair Actions based purely on the discomfort or even damage caused (base -20% penalty, increased by -10% per d10 damage). Interference - such as high sound levels (-10%), or unbearable odors (-10%). Page 183