The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 182

Concentration - by concentrating intently the chance of success can improve, however, this could result in the Action taking longer or potentially leave you open to external effects that you may otherwise have noticed, e.g. the knife wielding assassin creeping up from behind. For example, concentration could make the difference in revealing (+10%) essential information from Research of the files you have just removed from the now open safe. Cover, Armor, (Object) Hardness, Defense, and Immunity all can reduce the chance of success. \ Armor - whether carried, worn, or due to vehicular protection (see Appendix 6). Hardness - of an object that you are trying to damage or break (see Appendix 8). Defense - when everything you do, or indeed your opponent(s), is focused on defending against an attack (-50% to attacker Action). Cover - in terms of physical objects that shield you from sight or attack. This includes the concealment offered to any targets travelling within a vehicle. The penalty to Actions impeded by such cover scales with the percentage of cover. In other words, if you have 10% cover then the Action penalty against you is -10%, 20% cover for -20% penalty, and so on. Immunity - to disease, fear, etc. make success impossible, i.e. an absolute 0%, for related Actions. Page 182