The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 181

Assist comes in the form of equipment or help from a 3 rd party that can make success more likely, at least in most cases. Equipment - what you are using to do something and/or the condition of what you are using. For example:    A crowbar being used to lever open a locked door would provide +20% bonus. Use of improvised lock picks incurs a -20% penalty. A scope increases the chance to make the long distance shot by +25%. 3rd Party - someone adds their capabilities to your own. For example:   The Strength bonus from both you and a cohort are cumulative when trying to move a stationary vehicle. Only half the Strength bonus from a team member is added to your attempt to keep a small door closed since the space is restricted. Focus allows you to gain potential benefit but perhaps at the cost of something else, foreseen or otherwise. Aim - a carefully aimed shot, that takes an extra round, is more likely to succeed (+20%) in hitting the target. This is often a requirement when the target is relatively small or moving. For example, instead of simply shooting an opponent an attempt is made at a head shot; more likely to kill or at the very least disable. Assuming no range modifiers the normal Base Success Chance% is Standard, i.e. 60%, but this becomes Challenging, i.e. 20%, for a head shot. By taking an extra round to aim then the chance increases to 40%. Another example would be picking the seam between two armor plates. This improves the damage that can be done but makes the shot more difficult. Now perhaps the target is so small that the Base Success Chance% is Insurmountable, i.e. 0%, and taking aim is an absolute requirement for any chance of success. In both cases it assumes that the shooter has extra time! Page 181