The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 18

Psychic Ability Research (Source: CPS, Date: 11 th September 1949) After the Rip, “out of the ashes” comes a benefit for some. A very small percentage (<0.01%) of the population experiences the awakening of psychic talents. Many never realize the potential of these talents but there are those who learn to harness, and further develop them – Psycrafters (or PCs as they are known). Psychic talents occur irrespective of gender, race, age, religion or other demographic label, but some common themes do persist. “Mental maturity”, a combination of extraordinary attributes, and in many cases some form of life defining trigger event. As people change so we see new Psycrafters continue to emerge. Psycrafters are most often feared but many covet the idea of what psychic power could mean for them. With the later discovery that grafting tissue (or “stitching” as it becomes known) from Othersiders can grant such powers both government and criminal groups as well as individuals look to exploit this despite the cost to the recipient. Many Psycrafters either hide their talents or choose to live on the periphery of society where people are less likely to care. Some seek each other out to form groups, m aybe for companionship in the face of shared societal rejection, or for the fostering of more radical beliefs that they are superior and as such should lead not follow. Psycrafters are grouped according to their psychic traits into five “natural” classes: Qi Master , Energy Adept , Shadow Weaver , Meta Engineer , and Reaper . Each seems to have related individual psychic Talents that are organized into Talent Trees where selected Talents determine which subsequent Talents become available as a Psycrafter increases in Rank. A Psycrafter has a single Specialization Talent Tree, e.g. the Cellular Manipulation → Metabolic Rush → Life Spark tree for the Qi Master, that reflects the talents they are most at home with and want to focus on. Consequently, the talents within this tree are considered more effective. All Talents appear to be powered, for want of a better term, by what has been come to be called Life Energy . It appears that as a Psycrafter develops their psychic abilities the amount of Life Energy on which they can draw increases. There are rumors of a 6 th Psycrafter class with Talents born out of magnetic and gravitational field control. Page 18