The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 177

Did It Work? Starting with the Base Success Chance%, as dictated by the assigned difficulty of the Action: Simple Achievable every time other factors aside. Base Success Chance = 100% Easy Average unskilled people can do this most of the time. Base Success Chance = 80% Standard Requires attention rather than specific skill but usually achievable. Base Success Chance = 60% Difficult Appropriate amateur skill still means failure occurs more often than success. Base Success Chance = 40% Challenging Even someone who is an expert is likely to fail. Base Success Chance = 20% Insurmountable Normally impossible without some other factor(s) contributing to success. Base Success Chance = 0% Modifiers are then applied according to the situation in which you are trying to do something; often making it more of less likely to be successful. For example: Do you have assistance? Is it dark and you have no light source? Is it raining? Does a personality quirk affect the outcome? Are you retrying after failing once, twice, or more? Is repeating the Action taxing? Partially submerged? Are you hurt? Is someone attempting to hold the door closed that you are trying to push open? Page 177