The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 176

Success% Every Action is assigned a Base Success Chance% dictated by the difficulty of the Action, i.e. is it Simple, Easy, Standard, Difficult, Challenging, or downright Insurmountable. Modifiers are then applied according to the circumstances of the situation in which you are trying to take the Action, making it more of less likely to succeed. Success or failure is determined by a percentage d100 (1 - 100) dice roll. Outcome An Action has an Outcome, defined in terms of either a e.g. Open (a lock), 10 points of Damage, or as a variable Size, Area, and Duration, etc. In the latter case, how much Damage is done, what Size affected, what Area is affected, and for what Duration is determined by d10 (1 - 10) dice rolls. fixed result, Damage amount, of an object is the target affect