The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 175

Core Mechanics The dramatic flow of an Encounter is dependent on the Order in which players and Non-Player Characters (NPCs) take Action . By the success or failure of the Actions taken as determined by a dice roll vs. Success% . And the Outcome of those Actions. For example:  A character steps into a burning inferno with the intent to strike an Othersider but immediately suffers the effects of the flames, irrespective of his/her ability to attack before the Othersider.  A character throwing a knife at someone shooting back with a gun may act first, but the bullet will most likely strike them first, potentially preventing the knife-thrower from using a follow up Psychic Talent.  A character is throwing a knife at a NPC arm who is reaching to press an alarm button. Even if the knife strikes the NPC’s arm first it may not generate significant enough damage to prevent the alarm from being sounded. Order is determined by how quickly a character can react based on their attributes, circumstance (are you surprised), and the ever-present element of unpredictability. The latter being determined by a d10 Initiative roll. The higher the initiative then the faster the character can act. This order is maintained until circumstances, as determined by your GM (e.g. the lights go out), change and a new roll is deemed required. Action Although Actions may be couched in more colorful, descriptive, terms as determined by the storyline they can essentially be distilled down into: Moving Close on an opponent, run for cover, emerge from cover, stand up, lie prone, drop and roll, jump, climb, swim, travel from location A to location B, etc. Fighting Fire a weapon or throw an object [ranged attack] , strike with or without a weapon [melee attack] , use a psychic talent, and/or defend against attacks either against yourself or someone or something else. Doing (something else) Speak, shout command, pick lock, search and investigate, identify, arm, disarm, distract, hinder, build, craft, repair, bandage an injury, pick up/drop or move an object, operate device or use Psytomaton, reload (insert new clip, cock arrow or bolt), use a psychic talent, or even eat, rest, sleep, wait, etc. In most cases each character gets one Action per Round unless a previous Action continues into the current Round or, in special cases, the Action takes less than one Round. Page 175