The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 174

Roleplaying Before we get into the ins and outs of the core mechanics let us first re- emphasize that a key element to this game is roleplaying as players take their characters on the journey that is the story. To this end you, as GM, will be required to award Insight points for good or even great roleplaying... Insight can be awarded at any time. However, when on a “mission” for an organization a great way to assess the overall roleplaying of the players is to have them go through a de-brief at its conclusion. Not only does this re-enforce on-going plot points it allows you as the GM to probe player behavior in more of a group discussion forum. Some suggestions on awarding Insight points: In difficult situations where the easy way out, such as killing a guard rather than otherwise incapacitating them, runs contrary to the characters moral code provides the opportunity for a player to roleplay. Especially if the guard, in this example, can cause further problems later down the line if left alive to identify them. If a character sticks to their fashion style rather than changing their dress to suit, no pun intended, the circumstance can make for an interesting roleplaying encounter. How would the sexy, ultra-feminine, lady try and get information from a misogynist embassy attaché? Anger perhaps? Or the tough, intimidatingly dressed, military man cajole information from a frightened young girl. Page 174