The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 173

Rules of the Game As the story progresses the characters will be placed in situations both in combat (where they are attempting to affect someone or something against their will, that effectively makes them into an opponent) and out of combat that require them to take an Action, i.e. something significant that the characters want to do. Most of these Actions will be taken by characters during, what we are calling, an Encounter. Think of this as a dramatic scene of significant consequence from, for example, a television show or movie. In such a setting, multiple Actions, taken by multiple participants, over a variable period, are possible. Encounters, especially those involving combat, are chaotic by nature. In most situations the GM will manage encounters in a free-form manner that reflects the myriad combination of what happens, for example the combination of movement around a space while opponents trade attacks. Both the players and GM are encouraged to use this freedom for creative expression. However, when more rigorous timing and order are required we make such [[\\][ۈX[YXXHH\[H[YH[YH[YB[ XXو LXۙˈXX[[\Z[X[YY[\]Y[X[[[[]˜ۘ\[ۋHH[[X]HH\[[و[[[\[\X]KHXܛYX[\\[HX[Y\[HX[ۜ]\[\[XX[[\]\\YۙYXZ[Z[HX[\H\X]Y][[\]KZ\ܞB][[X\^Z[]Y\\X\][Y[[\Z^][ۈZBXY[ݙ\Y][ۘ[XH[X] X[X\[\ˈ\YX[[ܙB[[Y[X\[ۈZ[\\]\HYH[[[ܙH\Y\[˂H[\]H[[H^XX[]H[[Y]X[]K\[[[ۂ\Z[H[HX[\XXZH[HX\HX\[\K]\YBYܙYHو\X][ۈ\X\\H[܈H[H8'[\YYY8'H\X\X]H[ۜ\HݚYY \][X]\[B][HY][[ܛX[^K]Y^B[[\X][\H[Z]Y\قۙ[ˈ[H^Y\[\H\\܈B\YK\H\H[X[܈\H[B[Y[Y[]\Y\ˈ\\]YHBHو\\H[[H]Z[Y[B\\]H\][X]\[KYH M