The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 17

Even without its darkness invoking psychic abilities the Shadow Fiend’s coloration, a marbled charcoal and sickly white, makes it hard to see. Except that is when it is feeding on Life Energy and putrid green light pulses through its skin. UX-170 (Codename: Vampire) As if pulled from the pages of literature this 7 feet tall, gaunt, sallow, humanoid creature has the characteristic “vampire” oversized teeth. In this case four incisors that at over 2” in length cause constant weeping wounds in the lipless flesh above and below. Oily black ichor dripping onto the Vampires chest. But with eyes that exhibit an unnatural green glow, no nose or ears, and short flat scythe-like horns that sweep back from the sides of the face, the visage takes on a more demonic aspect. Disproportionately large claws at the end of long arms make formidable weapons. It should be noted that observed Othersider behaviors suggest some form of guiding intelligence capable of sophisticated coordination. Page 17