The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 169

Alternatively, all NecroMechs can drain Life Energy from another living creature and convert it to replace lost Necrotic Energy before the available pool reaches zero. No Life Energy is ever gained. This, as it does for Othersiders, requires direct physical contact, e.g. skin-to- skin. Draining Life Energy from an unwilling target is intrinsically immoral while draining Life Energy from a willing participant is at best considered an amoral act. Unlike Othersiders a NecroMech cannot simply also absorb the Life Energy around them. A NecroMech must take an Action to touch an intended “source” of Life Energy. If the participant is willing or restrained, then this is automatic. In the round following the touch, an attempt can be made to drain Life Energy. To do so requires the NecroMech to overcome the Willpower of the target. For every point in the NecroMech’s favor, for example if the NecroMech has Willpower of 7 and the target has 6, then 1 Life Energy per round is transferred until contact is broken, there is no more Life Energy to drain, or the NecroMech chooses to stop. If the NecroMech does not have greater Willpower they are unable to drain Life Energy. If the difference is 2 the Life Energy drain is 2 per round, if 3 then 3 per round, and so on. However, should the NecroMech be able to contact the blood from an open wound the transfer is doubled, and if able to penetrate the body the rate is x5. Desperation breeds violence. When the available Necrotic Energy pool reaches zero and the autonomic replenishment causes the available Life Energy pool to drop below that of the now fully restored Necrotic Energy pool, then the NecroMech is forced to make a Willpower check. If this fails, then they lose sight of their moral compass (a Moral NecroMech, usually someone upon which a graft has been forced, becomes Amoral, while an Amoral NecroMech becomes truly Immoral) and are more inclined to take it from someone else, willing or not. For a Level 1 NecroMech starting with 35 Life Energy and 15 Necrotic Energy, when the Necrotic Energy reached 0 then 15 Life will drain. This leaves 20 Life Energy and 15 Necrotic Energy. Again, when Necrotic Energy reaches 0 another 15 Life Energy will drain. But now with 5 YH[\B[ MHXܛX[\HHXܛYX]\XZB][ Z[\ܝ[[\XˋYHYH[\HXX\“XܛX[\H܈[[\H [X\]Y[]]ۛZX\[\Y[[HXܛYXYZ[XY\ž\[HXܛYX۝[Y\ۜ[YB[ۈ[]Z[XH]\[XܘY\H[[Z[X[[[XY ]\X[H]Yۋ\^Y\8'[\\'H\Y\YH M