The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 166

Playing a NecroMech The cost to gain the power that others received simply by chance has been large. The constant need to “feed” on Life Energy to use your grafted gifts. But useful then, for some, that new teeth and claws can so easily rupture flesh. Playing a NecroMech will revolve around the use of your Talents and the impact of grafted physical enhancements. To this end you will need to understand using, powering, and developing your Talents, living with the benefits and penalties of your grafts, and potentially wrestling with the moral dilemma of consuming other’s Life Energy. Using Talents Using a Talent is an Action (see Core Mechanics) that has a Base Success Chance of 100% in activating. Some Talents require additional Actions such as a touch, in which case a separate Action check is required. As with all Actions the use of a Talent is subject to modifiers that are then applied according to the circumstances of the situation in which you are trying to take the Action, making it more of less likely to be successful. For example, you are running through a burning warehouse pursued by an armed guard. You attempt to use your Deflection Talent, but the situation is far from ideal. Breathing heavily on yet another sprint from danger the GM determines that you are Fatigued and suffering the non-damaging effects of the flames Environmental Condition around that cumulatively reduce your chance of success from 100% to 80%. You roll 12% and immediately “armor” your body against the .45 caliber round fired from the guards Colt M1911 pistol. The bullet strikes you but at 30 yards the 2 x d10 damage, rolled at a total of 9, is completely mitigated by your Rank 1 10 points of damage reduction. You run on... Although Talents are “instant” (unless noted otherwise) it still requires some degree of mental gymnastics to follow use of one Talent by another. This is reflected in the fact that only one Talent can be used per round , albeit at the start of that round. Unlike Psycrafters who can simply drain their Life Energy pool to use Talents, for the NecroMech there is an added wrinkle. When their Necrotic Energy pool reaches zero then the grafted tissue autonomously leeches Life Energy from the host NecroMech to fully recharge the Necrotic Energy pool. This automatically interrupts concentration. As such a NecroMech cannot use a Talent with a Necrotic Energy requirement greater than that currently available in their Necrotic Energy pool without first increasing the pool through Life drain. If they do then the Talent automatically fails and the Necrotic Energy before leeching occurs is lost. As Rank increases the Base Success Chance increases; to 120% at Rank 4, to 135% at Rank 7, and 150% at Rank 10. This makes it less likely that a Talent will “fail” when under precarious circumstances (i.e. a penalty is incurred). Page 166