The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 162

Powering Talents Each (natural) Psycrafter has a Life Energy pool from which he/she can draw upon to power their psychic abilities. A Rank 1 player Psycrafter starts with 50 Life Energy points. Each successive rank gain increases the number of Life Energy points by 5 so that a Rank 2 Psycrafter has 55 points, a Rank 3 Psycrafter has 60 points, and so on. At Rank 10 the Psycrafter gains a bonus 5 points in addition to the 5 gained by progression from Rank 9 to Rank 10, bringing their total to 100. Use of Talents consumes Life Energy until zero is reached at which time no more can be used. A fully rested Psycrafter regains all their life energy points. Developing Talents A Psycrafter advances their Psychic Talents using the APTitude (Action, Practice, and Training) System in the pursuit of Psychic Points and associated increase in Talent Rank. Practicing one’s psychic abilities involves a combination of executing precise mental gymnastics, developing inward focus through meditation, reinforcing concentration, visualization, and ultimately Talent manifestation. Such mental exercises can take hours of uninterrupted time... Talents as innate abilities do not need to be learned. A character simply “knows” what they can do and as they advance in Rank this improves their understanding and effectiveness of existing talents, eventually opening new psychic pathways to new talents. Page 162