The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 160

Playing a Psycrafter Central to the new world order are the emergent psychic Talents of Psycrafters. Such individuals may be lucky or unlucky, depending on your perspective, to have acquired these abilities. Playing a Psycrafter, irrespective of class, will revolve around the use of your Talents. To this end you will need to understand using, powering, and developing your Talents. Using Talents Using a Talent is an Action (see Core Mechanics) that has a Base Success Chance of 100% in activating. Some Talents require additional Actions such as a touch, in which case a separate Action check is required. As with all Actions the use of a Talent is subject to modifiers that are then applied according to the circumstances of the situation in which you are trying to take the Action, making it more of less likely to be successful. For example, you’re running, being pursued by two men armed with baseball bats on the roof of a speeding train. You choose to turn and face them. As a Qi Master you concentrate on your Tier 1 ability “Demoralize” striking doubt in their intent and hopefully buying you some time to get down a ladder and into one of the cars where you can lock the door. Your GM, calculates that with distractions, your breathlessness, and stopping mid-run there are cumulative penalties to your attempt reducing your Success Chance]to 70%. But, you roll a 68 on the d100, success! This forces your pursuers to XZH[X[ۂX۝[YH[[XܛHووH[ݚ[Z[]]H LIH[[KۙHZ[[HH]\Z[\Y\B^\]HX^H[HHZ[H\XZ\]]ž[H\HۙHۈۙK[Y[[\H8'[[8'H [\Y\\JH][\]Z\\YBYܙYHوY[[[[\X\HوۙH[[H[\\\YXY[HX]ۛHۙH[[[H\Y\[ [Z]]H\و][ \[[ܙX\\H\HX\[H[ܙX\\ L H][  LIH][ [ ML H][ L \XZ\]\Z[H]H[[[8'Z[8'H[[\X\[\\[\[\ KKH[[H\[\Y KYH M