The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 16

UX-030 (Codename: Radium Widow) Named after its spider-like shape and glow from the hugely bulbous abdomen, so reminiscent of that from radium dial watches, that illuminates everything below the Widow’s body in a faint greenish light. On top of its body a central row of large dagger-shaped spines, the color of gangrene, runs down the middle of the thorax, with multiple rows fanning out, and decreasing in size, to eventually become no more than dark green bristles that continue down the legs; thick and powerful ending in claws, each resembling a massive black spike bayonet. The head is a featureless black chitin dome that splits open to reveal the most terrifying aspect of this creature. Its proboscis. Driven into its victim where rotating teeth at the tip morcellate the tissue for extraction and faster life consumption. At 25 feet in length and 12 feet wide, excluding its legs, the Arachium is as large as a Panzer tank, but a much more effective killing machine! UX-150 (Codename: Ripper) Standing at less than 6 feet tall, but almost 4 feet wide, the Ripper has a squat powerfully built body, with heavily muscled arms reaching almost to the ground. Blade- like claws, used to great effect in ripping through vehicle armor and flesh, scrape furrows in the ground as the Ripper moves. Each “hand” has 3 clawed fingers arranged around a larger fixed claw protruding from the wrist. This allows the Ripper to punch forward with its fixed claw to impale its target and then bring its other claws to bear. A featureless, inverted triangular shaped, reflective, chitin plate appears to have been sewn over where any face would be expected to be. Decreasing in relative size, further such plates continue down the torso, 5 in all, towards the groin. Each plate has a random pattern of rough puncture wounds through which a black oily ichor slowly oozes. Unsubstantiated reports have the Ripper coating its large fixed claw with this ichor. The flesh of this creature is seaweed green in color at its extremities but shifts to darker and darker purple towards the head and torso which, along with the chitin plates, are jet black. This makes it difficult to see when immobile and in shadow. The rest of a Ripper’s skin resembles that of a shark in texture, roughly tearing anything soft that it touches, often resulting in the accumulation of blood, and detritus such as pieces of human flesh, that color the Ripper’s body red. Sturdy, short legs, with 3 clawed toes propel the Ripper forward. Not fast but unrelenting, no matter the obstacles. UX-040 (Codename: Shadow Fiend) At 3 feet in size the compact, humanoid shaped, fast moving, Shadow Fiend can cloak itself in darkness, allowing it to move around with impunity in daylight for short periods of time. Characterized by two rows of three short horns each side of its skull, framing a face devoid of features other than an “X” shaped maw that peels open to reveal a lamprey-like mouth lined with countless tiny, triangular, sharp, inward-pointing teeth. To the torso of this creature four slender arms are attached, each ending in dexterous six razor-sharp clawed hands. The Shadow Fiend’s preferred method of attack is to leap out from concealment to bite into the back of the neck and then reach around with its arms to cut open the body cavity of its victim. An agonizing way to die! Page 16