The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 159

As a character progresses with an organization they gain access to Benefits. Reputation Points 1 to 9 Example Available Benefits Living Expense Stipend Ration Card (Petrol) Travel Documents Medical Attention Information 10 to 29 Fake Identification Documents Counterfeit Currency Contacts/Introduction Weapons and Ammunition Gun Carry Permit 30 to 59 Training Vehicle Usage Safe House Privileges Significant “Favor” 60 to 99 Specialized Equipment “Get Out of Jail” 100 Meta Engineering Access Similarly, as other organizations take note of what a character is doing against them, then Penalties may come into play. Reputation Points 1 to 9 Example Penalties Misdirection 10 to 29 Border Scrutiny Observe and Report (Tail) Blackmail 30 to 59 Financial Interference Smear Campaign 60 to 99 Detainment 100 Hit Contract It is up to the Game Master to determine how Reputation Points are gained/lost, as well as any additional benefits and penalties, according to the dictates of their campaign. However, suggestions are provided in the relevant section of the Command Guide. Page 159