The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 158

Reputation A character earns +ve Reputation Points with an organization when they advance that organization’s agenda. This may or may not draw the attention of opposing or conflicting organizations depending on whether what the character has done is attributed to them. If it is then that character may earn -ve Reputation Points with that organization, or even potentially multiple organizations. A character can earn up to +9 Reputation Points with an organization without declaring any formal affiliation. At this point they will be approached by the organization with a request to declare affiliation and become an Operative. If the offer is declined, then no more Reputation Points can be earned by that character for that organization. It should be noted that characters do NOT become actual members of these organizations as this would put them under their direct control. They are only affiliated and so left free to act as they see fit. Characters earn -ve Reputation Points unless they ALSO declare affiliation with that opposing organization, and in effect become a “Double Agent”. In this case the character can earn +ve Reputation Points with both organizations albeit that it puts them in a very precarious position indeed. Once a character gains 10 points for an organization they are considered an Operative, at 30 points an Agent, at 60 points a Senior Agent, and at 100 a Special Agent. Counter to this, if a character generates -10 points then they are considered a Suspect, at -30 points a Person of Interest, at -60 points a Target, and at -100 simply Most Wanted. Page 158