The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 157

Organizations Characters may be affiliated with established organizations such as the Security Service (MI5) , Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) , Office of Strategic Services (OSS) , Special Operations Executive (SOE) , The Order of Dark Hearts (L’Ordre des Coeurs Sombres , or ODESSA . Within each organization are some of the major Non-Player Characters (NPCs), both heroes and villains, around which our story develops, and player characters may encounter. Successfully undertaking tasks or missions on behalf of this organization will earn Reputation with that organization. This Reputation can be leveraged for benefits in the form of, for example, forged passport and/or other forged travel documents, transport to a remote location, a specialized piece of equipment, training, or even a meeting with someone otherwise inaccessible. Especially in Britain the provision of a Firearms Exemption Waiver, along with firearms themselves, is of significant value to those involved in more nefarious activities. Mission failure on the other hand may result in damage to a character’s reputation. Making it less likely that they will receive any preferential treatment, or even be met with outright hostility. Success or failure with one organization may bring a character to the attention of other “interested” organizations, wanted or not. Fame and Infamy often going hand in hand. More tangible accolades for services rendered also comes in the form of, for example, ribbons from MI5, the SIS, and the SOE, medals from the OSS, tattoos from ODESSA, and engraved jewelry from The Order of Dark Hearts. Woe betide anyone claiming to own such prizes without earning them! Page 157