The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 154

Transportation Cars, Motorcycles, and Trucks For those with the cash and connections the ultimate vehicle is possible. From a Metaboost™ Electric Diesel engine, Reinforced Doron Plate armor-plating, UltiMeta™ interior heating or UFry™ electrification defense system, to just plain bad-ass custom styling, the options are limitless. All possible through the marvels of Meta Engineering. In Britain it is M.E.T.A. that leads the development of vehicles utilizing Electric Powered Jet Engines powered by Gemstone Capacitor “batteries” that fit in the hand yet have the power output of an entire Submarine Battery Pack or even more. While in the United States the Tucker Corporation embraces Meta Engineering to produce a line of innovative vehicles years ahead of the Ford, General Motors and Chrysler. The newly available Torpedo includes a central air intake for the engine booster system that along with all other electrical systems, such as the powerful interior heater, are powered by an interchangeable Gemstone Capacitor pack. Capable of over 100mph the Torpedo becomes the must-have vehicle for any well-to-do playboy! Militarized Vehicles Seeing military application Tucker also improves on his original Combat Car design with improved speed, agility, armor protection, and fire-power. Operationally deployed for use in the Wastes by the U.S. military a number seem to have also made it into private hands. Page 154