The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 153

Psytomatons Psytomatons are any mechanical device powered and controlled through an embedded Gemstone Capacitor. This can range from a replacement body part such as hand or arm, an external appendage attachment for enhanced function, to hexapod (six-legged) or even vehicle-track robots. Spy Bug Often nicknamed a “Humbug” due to the ever so slight humming that it generates while moving, this cigar box sized Psytomaton is perfect for illicit surveillance. Power Gauntlet Provides enormous advantage in hand-to-hand combat. Dozer Requiring three Gemstone Capacitors this miniature tank can be used to transport heavy weapons or even explosives in hostile environments. Meta-Mechanical Hand Far from elegant or delicate this artificial metal appendage is the embodiment of brute force, providing the owner with both hammer and crush abilities. Remote Pilot Allows the remote operation of a much larger vehicle using an integrated Psytomaton. Page 153