The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 152

Drugs and Poisons It should be noted that Psycrafter physiology does not differ from standard human physiology. No drugs have yet been discovered to specifically enhance psychic talents although investigation at Porton Down by the British and by the OSS in the U.S. are works in progress. However, drugs and alcohol may cause havoc when a drunk Psycrafter loses all inhibitions or if they get high and hallucinate. Also, a drunk, high, or sedated Psycrafter may not have the concentration level required to use some or all their abilities. Mundane agents are detailed in Appendix 5. Othersider Tissue Injection Unlike Othersider tissue grafting where the host loses minimal health points to manage the water-sensitivity at the tissue interface (i.e. where the graft meets the host) but not at dangerous rate, i.e. a level of symbiosis is reached, direct injection into t HX[H\[\X]\[\[K[[\\\]\\›ۋY[X[[  L\\H[HH[XY\Y\\YBY[\]\[\[[Z[]YHHH  L\K܈XܘY\\H\BYY\X][ۈو\]Hو[[[܈H\][ۋ LLM‘][Y[\XH[YYۈHXX\] \[Y]YHH[YX]H8']\[x'H]Z[XK\X\Y\[[K[Z[K[][B[[[]HY[[H[[XXH]\ T[\8'][[8'H\[ݘ[\[K\[X][HH^HوHXKۜ\[›وH[][Y\[\[Hݙ\Y[ۈX\[Y\][HX[YK[THY[\H]Y]ۙH\Y\H[HY]\˜XY[[H[Y]\\\[\HYHKY[B][Y]ܝۈۋY[H\[ܛ\[H[X\Y\ܝYBX\ۚ^YH[TH[\HY\ \\Y[H[[ؘH\HHX[\[ۜX[\HXYۈHXH[[\ܚ^Y\[[X[\Y]][ۈHH[\HY\]H܋[[\H\Y[Y [HܜZ[\H\[  ][YY H\]]\XYق\^X][ۋX ܜX^[JB\X[H\ݙ\Y\[[[XY[YXY[HY\[BXܘY\XܛYX \\\[XX[[܈ L\ˈ]\™^[Y[H\YHKYH ML