The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 150

Binoculars (Infra-Red) Compact, high magnification, binoculars are essential for any surveillance operation. And with the Infra-Red capabilities developed by Meta Engineering Technology Associates (M.E.T.A.) doing so in the dark of night is no longer a problem. Subminiature Camera Small enough to be hidden in the palm of your hand this tiny camera takes 17.5mm film made by cutting 35mm film with a film slitter. Photosniper Long range surveillance camera that allows steady image capture of distant and/or moving objects. It breaks down into its component pieces and together with accessories is stored in a custom-built metal case. Clark Surveillance Coat The ultimate in outdoor surveillance equipment, developed for the SOE by Plessey, is the Clark oat: A Gemstone Capacitor powered two-way receiver rides in a custom pocket in the lower back of a fur-lined (great)coat. A throat microphone is hidden in the (upturned) collar which also houses the jack plug connector to a set of earphones concealed in the fur-lined earflaps of the matched aviator hat. With a sophisticated aerial system sewn into the coat lining coupled to the considerable power boost available from the Gemstone Capacitor then communication in an urban setting is now possible up to ranges of 500 yards for almost indefinite periods of prolonged use in even extreme cold weather conditions. Page 150