The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 15

UX-140 (Codename: Ghoul) \A human-shaped horror characterized by an oversized mouth filled with multiple rows of razor sharp fangs like that of a Mako shark and an observed propensity to partially “eat” their victims. A task made easier with flexible jaws. White eyes shot through with vibrant green veins in eye sockets with no lids can determine variations in heat. No surprise that ears and nose are missing, their location a memory marked by puckered scar tissue. Cadaverous skin pulled tight over a skeletally thin frame. The pulsing black and grey organs obvious below the surface but most perturbing is the bloated, bulging, belly often containing the Ghoul’s last meal. More than one soldier has lost his mind at the sight of a comrade’s face, pressed up against the skin looking out with dead staring eyes. Along the creature’s spine, starting just below the nape and extending to the waist, is a row of retractable spines. Normally lying flat these spines can be raised to reveal wicked points oozing black “oil”. UX-190 (Codename: Harvester) Harvesters have pale waxy grey-green skin, yellow eyes, razor-sharp pointed teeth, and a sensual, curvaceous, feminine body. With otherwise delicate features, they have neither ears or hair, and exhibit varying degrees of visible pulsing black veins that spread out from a central point at the nape, up over the head and face, down the arms and torso, eventually covering the entire body. The vein patterns are unique. Although their hands have dexterous fingers tipped with short, sharp, black claws Harvesters prefer the use of manufactured weapons. In addition, they wear elaborate chitinous armor, including ornately carved half-facemasks directly pinned to the back or sides of their heads. Observation of their coordinated efforts suggests behavior somewhat analogous with bees. UX-110 (Codename: Hungerer) A Hungerer results when a graft recipient, i.e. NecroMech, reaches zero Health points specifically through their continued Psychic Talent use after their Life Energy pool has been exhausted. They are characterized by pale waxy skin and skeletal physique. Deeply sunken eyes glow green whenever a Hungerer consumes life energy. UX-120 (Codename: Leech) A gaunt, emaciated, 5 ft. humanoid whose ashen skin is covered in 1” diameter red pulsing pock marks concealing black vein-like cilia that emerge and burrow into the flesh of anything that the Leech can grab hold of. With empty eye sockets and an open toothless mouth mimicking a perpetual soundless scream its visage is truly terrifying. UX-160 (Codename: Oni) So named by the first Japanese-American troops recruited from 442nd Regimental Combat Team to be deployed for reconnaissan H[H\\ˈ[HH ]Xš[X[Y] ܝZY\[YۙH]Hܛ]۝ ]XX[BZYHوH[  [ܙY[^Y\[ܝYYK[ZH]˂HH[وHXH\ݙ\Y][[X][H\YۙHX\[]]H[\\ۘY˂YH M