The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 149

Make-Up Essential for any disguise, make-up allows you to alter your physical appearance using skin dyes, foundation for shading, and theatrical items such as moustache, glasses, and wigs. Enough to fool a casual observer but may not suffice under scrutiny. Lock Picks Negates the requirement for the actual key using a selection of Skeleton, Bump, and Try-out Keys, as well as a Torsion Wrench with Curtain, Half-diamond, Hook, Ball, Rake, Decoder, and Tubular Lock Picks. Telephone Tap Folding handset, copper wire, and crocodile clips. Handy for dropping in on a conversation. If that is if you know which wires you need to tap. Luckily with few well-off families ‘on the phone’ leaving mostly public and business telephones in service, and a limited number of manual switchboard exchanges, a little research goes a long way in finding the right wires. Portable Recording Equipment The Minifon PX System is married to a miniature wire recorder with either a holster and wrist-watch microphone for covert recording of a personal conversation or an (automatic) telephone pickup that allows capture of telephone calls without having to be present. A standard 1-hour wire spool is included. Replacement of the standard battery with a Gemstone Capacitor power-pack mitigates any worry about not being ready at the opportune moment. Flashlight Powerful portable light with integrated hood that can be attached for discrete, hands-free, illumination, such as photographing a document on a desk or picking a lock at night. Page 149