The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 148

Tradecraft Paraphernalia Specialized items for plying your tradecraft. Silencer Firearm noise suppressor. Although not reducing the noise completely it also alters the sound to something that is not identifiable as a gunshot, potentially eliminating attention being drawn to a would-be assassin as well as deceiving observers as to their location. Garrote Although technically a weapon a garrote does not require skill to use. Instead it’s success is more a matter of strength and circumstance; normally engineered to quietly eliminate a target. Whether it be simple piano wire strung between two wooden handles or the piece of barbed wire with two finger grips attached that was issued to the SOE, both are equally lethal. Holdfast Magnetic Anchor A device consisting of a brass frame, 9” x 6”, fitted with two banks of 4 magnets. When applied to a metal surface an attached cord can support the weight of up to 200 lbs. Useful in attaching to the sides of a ship, bridge, tower, or other large metal structure. Tactical Medical Kit Compact design for use on-mission where access to direct medical care is impossible. It includes field dressings, compress bandages, rolled gauze, burn ointment, cotton, Carlisle bandages, stick bands, braided silk sutures, iodine swabs, tape, basic surgical tools, needle sterilizer, Sulfadiazine, syringe, and morphine. Basic, but in skilled hands can save someone’s life in a pinch. Page 148