The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 147

Armor Personalized Doron Plate (PDP) In its native form Doron, a strong fiberglass-based laminate that was discovered by the Dow Company in May 1943 as part of their research efforts into non-metallic forms of body armor, is only effective at stopping relatively slow-moving flak and shrapnel. However, when altered by the Meta Engineer Talent Reinforce Armor it can stop high caliber bullets. This is the basis for the “enhanced” armor offered by Spade Consolidated Industries (SCI). Officially only for U.S. military use as full tactical armor, for those with the right contacts, and enough payment, a more personalized version is available; molded plates that can be sewn into clothing or something even more custom such as a face mask or decorative chainmail. Ash Field Survival (AFS) Suit A modified gas mask and hazardous materials (hazmat) suit specifically designed to protect the wearer from the effects of Ash is developed the by Research Foundation of Armour Institute of Technology. Includes the ability to attach an air rebreather for use in low oxygen conditions. Prototype Othersider Combat Suit Combining light-weight Doron plate armor with hazmat and breathing system options as well as other Meta Engineer Psytomaton mobility enhancements (i.e. “powered arm and leg assist”) the Research Foundation of Armour Institute of Technology has built a prototype suit to be used in direct combat situation with Othersiders. Unfortunately, the \Z\[ۈH\\\[Y[Hو[\ۛ[[H][ۈو\[\]YHZ]\\[H[ۛۋYH M