The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 145

Ash Mortar The first fruit from the weaponization of “Ash” in the form of a short-range dispersal mortar shell. Ash inhalation will cause death in d10 minutes. Although a basic gas mask will offer complete protection if worn BEFORE detonation. If the Ash remains in contact with the skin, then an insidious loss of health will lead to death in d10 hours. Flamethrower The flamethrower although ineffective against Othersiders is still a horrific, fear-inducing, weapon when used against personnel. It consists of a heavy 70 lb. two-cylinder backpack, one holding compressed nitrogen and the other gasoline combined with a thickening agent, and a gun. Limited to only 1 full round of operation over short range its destructive power is in its ability to cause area of effect damage. It is especially effective against opponents in enclosed rooms, vehicles or even fortifications. Everything flammable takes 10 points of fire damage per round, for 10 rounds, in a 25-yard hemisphere in front of the operator. After the 10 th round there is a 50% chance per round that the flames will self-extinguish due to lack of fuel. All those affected continue to take damage until the flames are extinguished in this way or through some form of external interference. With pressurized tanks the operator is, however, vulnerable to enemy bullets, shrapnel, and several Talents. If the tanks are punctured or otherwise compromised, then the operator immediately subjected to 200 points of combined fire and explosive damage. Stun Glove The prototype glove created by M.E.T.A. and worn by one of its creators Brianna Murphy, still deemed “classified”, has yet to have a full functional description. However, rumor suggests it is at the very least capable of delivering a lethal electrical charge through any metallic weapon held in the glove. Page 145