The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 144

Jacob Electric Bolt Gun Although very rare, for those with the means, the JEB as it is known can be purchased. As the design does not require energy conversion as is the case with the UV-A Pulse Rifle the weapon size can be much smaller, i.e. handgun size. Powered by one Gemstone Capacitor it shoots a bolt of lightning at the target up to 10 yards away, dealing 5 d10 damage per strike, and inducing a single massive convulsion that interrupts concentration and causes (50% chance cumulative per strike) the target to become stunned for d10 rounds, dropping all held items. A second optional Gemstone Capacitor can hold Life Energy if the JEB is to be used by the Meta Engineer who performs the Energize. Webley Dart Gun Weaponized tranquilizer gun that now delivers poison, drugs, or other payloads into a target up to a range of 10 yards. Effect and/or damage dealt is a function of what is contained in the dart used. This includes mundane agents (as detailed in Appendix 5) but also more insidious options such as Othersider tissue in anhydrous suspension. If such a dart were used on a Psycrafter then they would find their Talents immediately suppressed; the effect lasting for d10 hours until the body disposes of the foreign tissue. During this time, Psycrafter or not, the victim experiences d10 health point loss every hour. Peroxide Grenade Hydrogen Peroxide filled glass sphere modeled on fire-suppression devices or "fire grenades". As H 2 O 2 is a stronger oxidizing and reducing agent as compared to water its effects on Othersider tissue is more marked. However, as the volume contained is so small it is only effective against Othersider tissue grafts, inflicting 20 points of damage on the recipient NecroMech. Page 144