The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 143

Special Weapons The following special weapons, primarily developed to counter the threat of Othersider incursion or exploit what the has Rip brought to this world, do not follow standard Weapon Damage Profiles and are hence detailed separately. UV-A Pulse Rifle Fires short bursts of intense UV light that cause extensive damage (100 HP per hit) to Othersider tissue. The effect on human skin is limited to a 1 st degree burn the size of an English penny. Powered by an exchangeable Gemstone Capacitor based power pack, each pulse drains 200 energy. Samson Sterilizer Stick Re-purposed from a M9A1 man-portable backpack flamethrower, and named after its inventor, this weapon carries 3 gallons of Hydrogen Peroxide. When the trigger is pulled the pressurized liquid accurately sprays in a jet to a range of 20 feet. Continuous use is possible for up to 12 rounds, dealing 50 points of damage to Othersider tissue per round. Concentrated hydrogen peroxide is caustic, and exposure can result in minimal damage (d10) to human skin. It takes 1 minute to refill with H 2 O 2 through caps of the two main tank ] HZ[]\[YHX[\\\^][ۈ[ˈX[HH[B\\^Y\[H[\ܝ\ L\]HX\و\KYH M