The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 14

UX-050 (Codename: Ash Stalker) Resembles a flattened purple, almost black, millipede over 30 ft. long and 6 ft. wide carried along on a carpet of short legs. Its chitinous armor plates arcing electricity constantly as it moves. But when stationary and buried in the ash of the Otherside the Ash Stalker is hard to spot until it rears and rolls over its prey, impaling them on its sharp spike-like legs, and draining everything until a lifeless husk is all that is left. The Ask Stalker can coordinate undulations along its length to generate a steadily building electrical charge that cascades towards its head with ultimate discharge into whatever is in front of its head. UX-180 (Codename: Barbed Knight) Immensely muscled 9 ft. humanoid characterized by mirror-like black chitinous plates, each with a wickedly sharp central spike, seared onto the grey flesh below so the body is almost completely encased. Both arms end in chitin gauntlets, each with 4 razor sharp talons. The head is encased in a featureless helmet with no apparent openings. Each knight has a unique mosaic pattern of plates. UX-020 (Codename: Bone Swarmer) A writhing mass of desiccated “bone like” legs so numerous as to hide the creature’s body. Each leg ends in a razor sharp barbed foot and once a Bone Swarmer impales a victim with one foot it is not long before another and then another does so, ultimately shredding flesh and absorbing life energy until nothing but a bloody lifeless pulp is left. Appearing in the 100’s the swarm can eradicate all life for miles. UX-101 (Codename: Burrower) A 36” centipede-like creature that has an over-sized, spade shaped, mottled black and crimson head with a single set of pincers designed for grasping rather than biting. In-between are two thin, supple, almost translucent, tentacles that are forced into the cervical spine and up into the brain to take complete control of its new host. The rest of the segmented, crimson, body is narrow in proportion and lined with 10 rows of narrow black legs tipped with viciously sharp barbs suitable for adhering to flesh and bone. UX-130 (Codename: Eviscerator) A large, grey-skinned, hairless, humanoid with empty eye sockets, no nose or ears bearing a Bone Sword sewn into one of their clawed hands. This sword is used to disembowel prey and consume their Life Energy. The skin of an Eviscerator is almost impenetrable. Page 14