The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 138

Katana (Gendait ō ) A traditional Japanese sword associated with the samurai of history but also now with Japanese military officers. With a blade length of 26” and weighing only 2½ lbs. this “quick draw” sword is particularly suited to a fast, single motion, first strike when worn with the sharpened edge facing up. It is often paired with a similar smaller companion Wakizashi sword or with a Tantō dagger. This pairing is called the daishō, which according to tradition only a true samurai can wear. Wakizashi Considered a backup or auxiliary sword this 18” blade is particularly effective for close quarters fighting where the use of a longer sword is precluded. Tant ō A single or double edged 9” dagger designed primarily as a stabbing weapon, with some having a thicker blade to facilitate armor piercing. Page 138