The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 13

Othersider Studies (Source: ORE, Date: 23 rd February 1949) The currently known Othersiders, discovered either in the Wastes or on the Ash Fields, have been classified according to a naming standard UX-xyz ; the UX- moniker stands for “UneXplained”, x is 0 for non-humanoid or 1 for humanoid, y is a alphanumeric (1 to 9, A through Z) that denotes Type assignment, and z, a number 1 to 9, to denote Subtype assignment. This method is being used due to scientific disagreement over what Latin binomial nomenclature is truly appropriate. Each is individually described hereafter but several physical and mental traits have been hypothesized as common to all: I. Appear to “see” in the dark, or even through obstacles, and in many cases without eyes as we would define them. This suggests some other mechanisms for perceiving the world around them. Perhaps sensitivity to the infra-red spectrum, or as some have hypothesized the ability to discern life itself. II. Suffer severe “burns” under exposure to ultraviolet light. It is, therefore, no surprise that they avoid direct sunlight, and keep most activity to the dark of night. III. Incredibly difficult to defeat through conventional means. A result of extremely high-density, strong, and resilient skin, hide, shell, and bone, etc. IV. Highly sensitive to water, with high relative humidity causing tissue decay and total immersion eventually leading to complete disintegration. V. No concept of “death” only dormancy or sufficient physical destruction to prevent on-going function; the latter is best achieved with complete submersion in water for a long enough period. Consequently, the term “deathless” is commonly used when referencing Othersiders. We believe it is this weakness that has so far kept Othersiders from naturally spreading beyond the mainland. VI. Have a Metabolism based on what we have termed Necrotic Energy generated from their innate consumption of our own opposing Life Energy. This is based on reports that proximity to a Life Energy release resulting from any living creature’s death, directly because of an Othersider(s) attack or otherwise, seems sufficient to provide a surge in activity, with the level a function of the number of dead, level of violence, distance, and time elapsed. Conversely, in the absence of such events we beli ٔ=ѡͥȁ9ɽѥ)ɝ䁱ٕ́ɽѡ䁉ͽݡЁѡɝ!ݕٕȰٕ)ѕ䁑ɵиQ́́ѡѥѡͥ́ѡЁѡ䁅ɔ)qtɽЁ1ɝ䁅ɽչѡ)Y%$)Y%%$)!ٔ卡ѥ́م她ɕ̸)U͔ͽɴѕѡչѥٔɕЁɴqt)ȁ͔Q́́٥ѡȁѼɑєѥ)%`U͔ѽͭѡȁՍqɅtѕɥ́ȁɵȰݕ̰)ɥѥٔѽ̸9х́ȁ䁡ٕٔȁ͕)`єѕ䁅ɔѥٕ䁕եѼͥٔչ)ѼѠͽեи)a$ɔͥɕ%ɅݥѠͽѕ䁹ͥȁѡ䰁ɕѥ)ݥѠѕȁɕɕͽɍѼͥ䁉յ)A