The NecroMech Dossier Core Manual April 2018 - Page 129

MAB Modèle C Based on the 1910 FN Browning, this .380 (seven-round) or .32 (nine-round) caliber weapon is smaller than its Model D brother making it easier to conceal and a favorite of the French police for undercover work. CuZtom Assassinator This 7.65mm caliber, eight-round, semi-automatic has been modified with a permanent silencer to give it a longer barrel with special rifling. Combined with matching Shredder ammunition that both tumbles and fragments on impact this gun can inflict terrible damage, albeit limited to shorter ranges. With silent operation it has become the favored weapon of ODESSA assassins for whom it was designed. Proliferation of use has been limited by its requirement for specialized ammunition. Sleeve Gun Designed as a close-range murder weapon it fires a single 0.32” round. Concealed within your sleeve it can be easily slid into the hand and pressed against your target, fired with the thumb, the empty case retained, and then slid back into hiding. Page 129